Review Policy

I have always found these a bit  serious and regimented on some other blogs however – after a few unsolicited books were posted out to me and were sent straight to the charity shop -I thought I should proffer a few pointers:

  • Please email me first with either a press release or short synopsis to before sending out copies – if anything this will help those of you who don’t already have my postal address 🙂
  • I do not own an e-reader (and also don’t particularly wish to) so ebooks or PDF are a no go  sorry!
  • Genres I enjoy reading are numerous and varied and I am very much open and excited about new authors HOWEVER as a rule I don’t particularly like generic chick lit, YA or sci-fi – unless it’s along the lines of J G. Ballard.
  • I can’t guarantee reviews will come out immediately. I still have books I was given a year ago which I very much intend on reading and reviewing one day – so if you’re needing an instant hit of publicity then best to look elsewhere!
  • Happy to take part in blog tours if a. the book gets to me in good time to read & b. it’s a book I want to read.

That’s about it however, if you have any more questions feel free to drop me a line on or on Twitter @friendlyshelf


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