Media Lunch for Rosie Nixon, Editor of Hello! for her debut novel The Stylist


Where: Soho House daaarling.

The Event
I happily accepted the invitation to the Media Lunch for Rosie Nixon, Editor of Hello! for her debut novel The Stylist -and not only because I was keen to step inside Soho House and see what secrets, and creative type, were hidden inside.

Once I had missioned along Shaftesbury Avenue, not for the faint hearted, and divined which of the doors would let me into the ‘house’ I was wafted through to the red room -I believe chosen purposefully because of the notable red gown both on the front cover of the book and a running theme throughout the narrative.

Introduced to the lovely ladies from Midas PR and Harlequin who promptly popped a glass of Prosecco in my hand I felt like a member of an elite inner circle -although my hair was more frizzy than glossy. Rosie arrived soon after and was glowing and wearing a beautiful floral dress and an infectious megawatt smile -she was also on the cusp of giving birth, thankfully an event which did not take place during lunch!

Working in PR myself it was a bit like a double whammy I got to learn about how they work at the various places; Glamour, Lorraine, Yours magazine -and also had some really interesting conversations both about The Stylist and other upcoming books they were working on and looking forward to reading. Happily I learned about a book being worked on that has been written by the writer of Death in Paradise -a cosy murder mystery set in the Caribbean watch it you’ll love it!

TheStylist3Food & Drink
The lunch was a variety of mixed platters for starter, main and dessert and all delicious especially the parma ham and melon salad, duck with rainbow chard and star anise and the yogurt and honey panna cotta with figs. The amusing food deliveries were the giant bowl of chips which were devoured and cancelled any illusion that women just want superfoods, and the blackberry crumble that came in one giant sizzling bowl as if it was to represented to a giant with a ladle as a spoon.

Of course drinks were accompanied throughout -white or red wine- as ladies who do lunch do drink.


A really lovely lunch well it went on until 3pm… Rosie was and is quite obviously excited about her book and the conversation both with her and the other creative women was interesting and extremely entertaining.

Book reviews on the way…


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