Hobnobbing at Nobu

DSC_kjpgWhere: Nobu, Berkeley Street London

When: Saturday Lunch Time, July 2015

Ambience & Service: 

Upon entering the foyer of the restaurant I thought it was going to be a dark and gloomy affair, but thankfully we were directed upstairs and into a light open restaurant and seated at a banquet.

The service was attentive and friendly -and didn’t show any sign of disapproval when I quietly requested a knife and fork, bringing one as well for my dining partner although he didn’t need them in order to make me feel better!

Food: Set lunch menu 4 courses £39 p/p 

sashimi-salad-003-mld109712_vertTuna sashimi salad with matsuhisa dressing – three substantial slices of light and fresh tuna with  a pleasant meatiness brought to life with a sharp and zingy dressing – delicious.

Nobu sushi selection – two nigiri pieces and two maki rolls with a seriously hot wasabi and agreeable pickled ginger palate cleanser. The stand out was the fresh salmon and avocado -always a crowd pleaser- with the avocado wonderfully soft and buttery against the fish.

Chicken teriyaki & steamed rice – in a word mediocre. The chicken -and there was a lot of it- was perfectly cooked but the sauce lacked flavour -as did the steamed rice- and the accompanying tomatoes and raw green beans just seemed out-of-place and a bit sad.

Whisky cappuccino dessert –  a triumphant end to the meal. A slightly harsh ground coffee bean crumb at the bottom rising up to an iced cream before finishing with a velvety whisky foam – delightful, refreshing and most welcome on a hot day.



Glass of prosseco on arrival was pleasing, not too fizzy and had notes of pear, the rest of the lunch was accompanied by tap water. However, diners around us looked like they were enjoying some rather exotic fruit juices and the wine list appeared extensive.

Price tag: £39 p/p + 15% service = £90

Rating: 8 out of 10 – certainly go again but next time order a straight selection of sushi as this is what they’re -quite understandably- best at.


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