Uno Gusta de Seville

IMG_6793IMG_6871Where: Seville, South of Spain (Andalusia)

When: 7th-10th May

accommodation: Air BnB Apartment in the Calle Zaragoza, 5 minus walk away from the Cathedral. Extremely comfortable with all the necessary mod cons including a shared roof terrace and a wonderful host name Sebastian. There’s a place to leave luggage if you’re on a later flight.

Sights & Attractions: Walking around Seville is like walking around an architect’s dream world. Simple yet stunning Moorish buildings are encountered on every street, terracotta and earth colours are prevalent and detailed with quintessential blue tiles. There are plenty of museums that you can go into but we preferred wandering the cobbled back streets and stumbling into beautiful courtyards – especially given the weather was brilliant.

IMG_6821 IMG_6802 IMG_6852

A must visit is the Alcazar  it was less than ten euros and the Palace itself is just a doorway into the vast botanical gardens which you could spend hours getting lost. Even though there was a queue to enter it reduced rapidly and you when you get in it doesn’t feel busy instead it’s extremely peaceful.


IMG_6881Placa De Espana, located in the Park Maria Luisa. Photos do not do this place justice it is quite simply breathtaking and took us completely by surprise in it’s magical beauty. Take up the oars and have a romantic boat ride around the moat and enjoy passing under the quaint bridges and observing the different tiled mosaics dedicated to each province of Spain.

IMG_6921Entertainment: Aside from the obvious bars and restaurants Flamenco still reigns supreme in this neck of Spanish woods. Casa Anselma over the other side of the bridge was our destination of choice for a Friday night. Rocking up at midnight the place was packed and already in full swing, a few smart dodges and elbow manoeuvers and we were by the bar (no cerveza ni vino – gin and lots of it!). A special and supremely entertaining evening where men bashed the hell out of instruments and the matriarch and foreboding bar owner took to her own personal stage to sing.

IMG_6929IMG_6956 IMG_6954

Food & Drink: “En Seville no se come sino que se tapea” 

Legend has it Seville invented Tapas and there is no shortage of places to try the many and varied tastes of southern Spain. Favourites are always croquettas – try cola de toro (ox tail) – calamares and braised pork cheek. Also rife is Gazpacho which was delicious but probably not something I would have regularly. The tomatoes though are a dream – huge juicy red slices sprinkled with olive oil and a touch of salt. Place to browse before sitting would be Calle Mateo a short walk away from the Cathedral – the street is chock-a-block with dining options so I would recommend heading there and doing a bar crawl.

Local or house vino (blanco or tinto) is good value for money (12Euros for a bottle) and always good quality – don’t expect drinks list like you do in the UK just order they’ll usually have what you’re wanting. Cerveza are cold and refreshing and the gin and tonic is served wonderfully although slightly dangerously – at a 50:50 ration with plenty of ice.

IMG_6784 IMG_6787 IMG_6868

Rating: 10 out of 10 – cannot recommend enough and I will certainly be visiting other areas in the Andalusia region.


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