Dalila – Lebanese Restaurant

photoWhere: Dalila, Queenstown Road Battersea

When: Saturday 13th September, 7.30pm

Cuisine: Lebanese

Ambiance: Being a Saturday night the place was bustling and it was a good job we had booked in advance. That being the case our table for seven was nicely placed, we weren’t pushed for space and there was pleasant low key lighting. However, a source of some amusement was the ridiculous amount of cushions that were propping us up!

Service: Attentive and polite, they put up with our rowdy table of northerners and Irish  folk with a smile on their face and good humour. They even sent across extra complimentary baklava after the first two plates were inhaled within seconds.



Lebanese cuisine is primed and ready for sharing with it’s series of delicious hot and cold meze dishes offering something for everyone and Dalila’s didn’t disappoint. We shared a plain and the Beiruty humus, the latter had a hot pepper, garlic and parsley topping which was delicious served with hot flat breads – more bread would have been good! We also had Fatayer Spinach, which was a tasty light filo spring roll that melted in the  mouth.  The stand out ovation had to go to the grilled halloumi which was perfectly cooked and utterly delicious. The only disappointment was the spicy sausage which came in an overly watery sauce and lacked a firm meaty texture.


I chose the Lamb Meshwe, which was charcoal grilled cubes of lamb served with a small  portion of herby rice and salad. The lamb was beautifully tender and had distinct charcoal flavours, the spicy sauce that was provided to the table added a really nice kick – be careful though this does pack a punch! I also swapped a chunk of lamb with my friends chicken, this was moist (sorry!) and succulent, and a dish I would probably order next time around. The portions were substantial and you could easily share a main course between two with a couple of sides if preferred.


Being a bit budget conscious – I did say we heralded from the north of England and Ireland – we decided to go rogue and have the ‘bin end’ wine selection, usually called ‘house wine.’ This was a  bit like playing Russian roulette with wine as each bottle was different. However, out of three, two of them were pleasant and quaffable. The third doesn’t need to be spoken of again.


As previously mentioned, with the bill came complimentary baklava. Personally I find it slightly too sickly sweet (plus not a massive fan of honey) but the rest of the table ably ate my share and another two plates so I would say it was a hit.


We split the bill paying £30 each including service – so as a ball park and if you don’t have bin ends I would say a substantial meal for 2 with wine will cost about £70.

The menu also boasts an amazing choice of set menus varying in size and price per person so another one to dig into if you’re an indecisive diner.

Overall – delicious food, slightly dodgy wine (but that was out choice!) and attentive service all five minutes walk from my flat – what more could I want?


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