One to watch: ‘The Illusionists by Rosie Thomas

The Illusionists 2The Illusionists

Author: Rosie Thomas

Rosie is an author of over 20 novels, most recently including the award-winning Iris and Ruby and The Kashmir Shawl which was published in paperback in 2012 to great critical acclaim.

Title: The Illusionists

London in the 1870’s is a scary place for a young and beautiful woman of limited means. Life on the streets is relentlessly tough, where fortunes can be bought or sold and danger lurks around every corner. But Eliza is modern before her time. Not for her the stifling drudgery of conventional life, she longs for more. Through her work as an artist’s model she meets the spellbinding Devil Wix – a born showman whose dream is to run his own theater company.

Carlo Boldoni, an ill-tempered dwarf who quickly becomes Devil’s right-hand man. Carlo and Devil clash at every opportunity but it falls upon Eliza to broker an easy peace between them. And there is Jasper Button. Mild-mannered, and a family man at heart, it is his gift as an artist which makes him the unlikely final member of the motley crew.

Thrown together by a twist of fate, their lives are inextricably linked: the fortune of one depends on the fortune of the other. As Eliza gets sucked into the seductive and dangerous world her strange companions inhabit, she risks not only her heart, but also her life…

Publication Date: 27th February

Publishers: Harper Collins

Watch the beautiful exclusive video trailer to promote the upcoming publication release of ‘The Illusionists’ by Rose Thomas. Original ideas and scripts by George Theo at VirtuAD, directed by Luke Powell at Luke Powell Films. The main scenes were filmed in the stunningly atmospheric theater of Wilton’s Music Hall with close-ups filmed at Holborn Studios in Shoreditch.

Praise for Rose Thomas:

Rosie Thomas writes with beautiful, effortless prose, and shows a rare compassion and a real understanding of the nature of loveThe Times

‘A master storyteller’ Cosmopolitan

Thomas’s novels are beautifully written. This one is a treat’ Marie Claire

This book sounds slightly similar to ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern which is still one of the my favourite books of all. The Illusionists fills me with the same anticipation to read due to the exciting balance between magic and the dark and haunting beauty of Victorian London. Rosie Thomas’s latest novel is definitely on the reading list and will be reviewed here on The Friendly Shelf very soon!


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