Sociable Reading: ‘Making It’ An intimate evening with Cora Carmack

Caking ITMe and Cora

Event: An intimate evening with Cora Carmack.

Who: Cora Carmack, bestselling author of ‘Losing it’ and pioneer of the New Adult genre. Check out her author website.

What: An evening with Cora to celebrate her latest novel, ‘Faking It’, published by Ebury (Random House) and to discuss what’s coming next for this twenty-something girl from the USA.

When: Thursday 13th June 2013.

Where: The canteen at Random House Headquarters, Vauxall Bridge.

Refreshments: The drinks tray was offering champagne with a dash of elderflower cordial and a raspberry for colour or a Morgan Spice and apple juice. I plumped for the former – well I plumped for three of them – and although I am usually of the opinion that elderflower tastes like you’re eating grass it was actually really refreshing and enjoyable.

The snacks were the usual savoury snacks of cheese sticks and a variety of crisps, there were also some attractive looking cupcakes at the ‘Caking It’ stall. All in all a good nibbles selection.


This was my first outing to the Random House headquarters and, as per usual, completely misjudged walking times from the office arriving a little flustered to meet my friend and fellow blogger Sarah (Today I’m Reading).

We were given the requisite name badge and ushered by the helpful Randomers into the venue where we were greeted with Champagne and nibbles and the opportunity to explore the ‘Making It’ activities.

After mingling like a pringle, it was time to meet Cora. We were sheep-herded into the next room (glass topped up) and took our seats in order to listen to Cora talk about her journey as an author and later short readings from her two books. Cora came across as completely down-to-earth and excitable at the same time. Which was unsurprising due to the whirlwind adventure she had embarked on only last October. It was also refreshing to hear that she had taken on the challenge of self-publishing ‘Losing It’ to test the receptive waters in this budding genre of New Adult literature.

New Adult as Cora explained is a genre only just emerging into the popular domain. Quite rightly this genre acknowledges the gap between teen fiction and adult fiction. In my opinion I can see this style of writing being more successful in America compared to the UK, as during my university years I personally didn’t feel a gap was there in regards to my literary requirements.

However, the readings were truly entertaining. Cora managed to capture the essence of each character and it was genuinely amusing to hear the mental musings of Bliss and then later Cade and Max. Plus, Cora’s overall bubbly magnetism and joie de vivre was a delight to witness.

After the readings and Q&A session we were escorted around the different tables were we could recreate her book covers with different celebrity faces, or film our own ‘Faking it’ confessional – interested to see where those film clips end up! Plus the all important goody bags were handed out. Everyone loves a goody bag, and because one of the sponsors was Barry M my dreams of nail varnish were revealed in a bright purple hue. We also got a copy of ‘Faking It’ which Cora signed, and a packet of love hearts.

Overall this was a really fun, girly evening hosted by Cora (and Ebury Publishing) who is quite clearly loving life right now!

Rating: 7 out of 10.


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