Book Review: ‘Billy & Me,’ by Giovanna Fletcher

Billy and MeCupcake

Title: Billy and Me

Author: Giovanna Fletcher – author website

Genre: Romantic Fiction, or Chic Lit for short!

Publisher: Michael Joseph (Penguin)

Publication Date: 23rd May 2013.

Paperback: 416

Stand alone or Series? Stand alone (Author’s debut novel)

Why did I choose to read this book? I was invited on the ‘Billy and Me’ Blog Tour, so it would have been rude not to!

Where to read? Our leading lady is such a home bird that it would be apt to just hunker down in a nice armchair with more pillows than you know what to do with. Alternatively, if your furniture is more chic than comfy why not pop over and relax at a cottage in the Cotswolds?

Refreshments: The sparkly lights of celebrity life would probably demand cocktails. Check out the cheaper how-to thanks to the Guardian gurus, or find fancy dancy ones in Madisons, Chelsea, London. Plus don’t forget a cupcake like the one Giovanna designed for me above!

Exclusive Q&A: How does Sophie feel on her first trip down the red carpet?

 Sophie’s firstly trip down the red carpet is on the biggest night of any actor’s career, Bafta night! It’s a huge event, one that attracts highly thought of stars, hoards of crowds and dozens of paparazzi.  For anyone it would be a big deal to attend, but being on the arm of Billy Buskin makes the whole thing a different experience altogether. Billy’s world is still alien to Sophie, so her apprehension of the unknown would be massive.

In the days leading up to the big night Sophie would’ve been nervous knowing people would be watching, which after years of shying away from attention is bound to fill her with fear.

Bafta night is like nothing Sophie has been to before, which isn’t difficult seeing as she’s only been to a dozen or so parties in her life. It’s loud, with thousands of dedicated fans, press and photographers wanting to get Billy’s attention and grab a piece of him. It would be chaotic to say the least. No matter how much Billy has prepped her over what to expect, Sophie isn’t prepared for the volume of noise and craziness. Simply stepping out of the car into the view of the waiting crowd would’ve created a great deal of panic for our Sophie.


Giovanna Fletcher’s debut novel and is set to storm the Chick Lit charts if initial reviews are anything to go by.

Meet Sophie May, she works in a quaint tea room in the local village outside of London owned by her best friend Molly. One day a chance meeting with teen heart-throb and actor of the hour Billy Buskin rocks her quiet world. Sophie is soon whisked of her feet and their whirlwind romance finds her in the midst of Billy and his friends’ glamorous world. It’s not long until Sophie is brought to earth with a bump. Bored and lonely in Billy’s penthouse she finds the spotlight hard after years of shying away from attention. Can Sophie’s love for Billy overcome her insecurities and fears for the future?

This isn’t conventionally the type of book I read, however, Gi’s central character Sophie May is sure to capture many girls’ hearts. Her shy and insecure personality is endearing as is her strong relationship with her mother and baking queen boss Molly. Although, at times I felt she could have been stronger and more independent, especially when she moves to London a metropolis of culture, music and language and spends her time in the flat waiting for Billy to come home, she is a true chick lit leading lady

The novel’s second namesake Billy is the chick-lit equivalent of Freddie Prinze Jr in ‘She’s All That’– or that’s how I imagined him – and despite the fact, I prefer my heroes with less ‘shrieking’ he is someone most women wouldn’t mind being swept off their feet by. Special mention also has to be made about Billy’s acid tongued agent Paul who was my favourite character, an unusual choice I know!

Giovanna’s debut novel will satisfy your Chick Lit needs and is destined to be on a lot of ladies holiday reading lists – enjoy!

Next stop ‘LeeleeLoves’


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